When should I book my Florist?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

So… there a lot of different wedding timelines available out there but these tend to differ a lot! I wanted to discuss when you should think about booking your wedding florist. Obviously, this will depend on how long you have to plan your wedding but I wanted to give you my view as a wedding florist.

wedding flower consultation area at bedfordshire florist studio

The first things you ideally need to have in place before contacting a florist are; a set date and a confirmed venue. The venue sets the style of the whole wedding and knowing the venue will help the florist know what sort of designs will work best to suit your theme. Its also great to be able to plan a venue visit to see the space. Without a specific date the florist cannot check they have your date available and its also hard to know the availability of flowers so unfortunately it is almost impossible to quote.

It is good to go to a florist with some idea of what you are looking for, even if that is just a colour scheme or general look for the day. If you have been collecting images on Pinterest or elsewhere its great to share those ideas with your florist. If you are totally unsure when it comes to the flowers your florist will be able to suggest ideas that will work well for the look and feel of your day. For more information on my consultation process head over to the Wedding Designs section on my website.

If you have found a florist who’s work and style you love, I would say there is no harm in contacting them early. If it is too far in advanced and they aren't accepting bookings yet they can let you know when to get back in touch. A lot of independent florists only take on a set number of weddings each year and often only 1 or 2 a weekend, so dates can book up quite fast, especially in peak season. In general, most couples tend to contact me anywhere between 9-15 months before their wedding date. Don’t worry about booking too early, most florists will do a final consultation closer to your wedding date to finalise all the details! It will be one thing ticked off your list and as flowers really set the tone and feel of a wedding its lovely to have those organised early. I do also get some last minute requests so don't hesitate to get in touch and I can check my availability x