Wedding Florals Heaven - Guest Blog from RandFWeddings

First and foremost, thanks to the lovely Ellice of Willow and Blossom Floral Design for having me along to write an article on wedding flowers and floristry from a Wedding Planners perspective.

Depending on when a couple book us a planner’s involvement in the wedding day can vary and where a couple ideally books us for a full plan, we work to tie together all the chosen suppliers that best represent the look, feel and vibe that our couple is going for. So how does this relate to wedding flowers?

Your Wedding flowers can be your showstopper, for some it’s just flowers, it’s a tradition or it is something you are doing to add to the wedding reception or ceremony, for others however Wedding flowers are a centre piece of design, a compliment to the wedding dress, a nod to the grooms attire or an elemental part of the day and your showstopper!

Photo : Ania James Photography

We don’t generally work with Interflora High St florists – what they do is often very different to the needs of a wedding, and we definitely don’t recommend having family create your wedding florals because no matter how good they are unless they have the skills, training and equipment required it’s almost impossible to create a classical, elegant and modern stylish wedding centre piece in a design that brings the whole wedding together. Trust me when I say I’ve rescued far too dead, dying and falling apart wedding bouquets and corsages from well-meaning friends and relatives.